Your furnace heater requires regular upkeep. Yearly maintenance can help it run for a good long while with fewer repairs, while timely repairs help keep it running, period. With that said, there are some repairs that are going to be a little less urgent than others, such as a dirty filter needing to be replaced.

While we urge our customers to always reach out to us as soon as they can for their furnace repair in Brunswick, MD, we know there are some fixes that can wait a day or two. But what about the repair needs that should be taken care of ASAP?

Out of all the repair needs your furnace can have, there is one that absolutely can’t be delayed in the least and that is the cracked heat exchanger.

The Cause

Answering the question of what causes a cracked heat exchanger is a great place to start. Your heat exchanger holds all the combustible gases that are created within your furnace to make heat. Over time, as the metal that makes up your heat exchanger continues to expand and contract, it may develop a crack through which those gases can leak out.

The Danger

Like we said, your heat exchanger is filled with combustible gases such as carbon monoxide. This means that when your heat exchanger develops a crack, those gases can leak out and get into your house which is bad for two reasons:

  1. It impacts your comfort. Without the gas in the heat exchanger, your furnace can’t properly create heat.
  2. It impacts your safety. Those gases are dangerous to your physical health.

This leads us to the next question: how do you get this issue fixed?

The Solution

If you have a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger, you want to make sure the issue is taken care of as quickly as possible. To get this done, make sure you are aware of the following warnings signs:

If you pick up on these warning signs, make sure to reach out for repair service from a professional HVAC technician as quickly as possible.

The Professionals

When you need a professional technician to come by and service your furnace heater, you can reach out to the team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing. We have been serving Jefferson and the surrounding area for over 35 years and we always aim to provide HVAC solutions that are hassle-free for our customers.

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