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Do You Still Have Time for an AC Tune-Up?

Uh oh! Things have been so hectic lately with planning car parades and other things that you just realized you completely skipped your air conditioner maintenance for the spring season. Things are heating up too.

Is it too late? The answer is no. When it comes to things like maintenance, late is always better than never. Even if you are scheduling your appointment for the end of the month, an air conditioning tune-up in Brunswick, MD will still be helpful to your system and your overall comfort this summer.

Why is Maintenance Important?

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, hang on, why can’t I just skip maintenance? I meant what does it really do for me?” There are plenty of perks that your yearly maintenance tune-up gives you, even if you don’t notice them. After all, maintenance is best known for what it prevents!

  • Maintenance prevents frequent and expensive repairs: A tune-up is going to address a lot of “small” tasks, such as tightening screws, cleaning dust off of components, etc., that will help ensure your system operates effectively and efficiently without having to put up a fight. This means that it prevents repairs by addressing problems while they are tiny before they escalate into serious damage.
  • Maintenance prevents a loss of energy efficiency: An air conditioner with a lubricated fan belt and a clear air filter is going to operate much more efficiently and effectively than one that is fighting with a clogged filter and a belt that is about to break apart. When your AC is able to do its job without a hassle, it means it uses energy more efficiently.
  • Maintenance prevents energy bill spikes: Energy bill spikes are often caused by a problem that your AC is having which is forcing it to use extra energy to cool your home. When you schedule maintenance that helps optimize your system, you can avoid having a spiking energy bill be your warning sign because that tune-up will help keep your AC in optimal shape.
  • Maintenance prevents early system replacements: Wear and tear is normal for your air conditioning system but with maintenance, it won’t be nearly as impactful. What this translates to is that your AC can last a lot longer when you make sure it gets its yearly tune-ups, allowing you to enjoy more time between installation and replacement.

This is a Job for the Pros

As you can see, maintenance is well worth the time, even if it is scheduled a little later than normal. The key is to make sure that you schedule this service with a professional technician. Only a pro will be able to provide the benefits that maintenance comes with, while an amateur runs the risk of causing more damage and an early breakdown.

Don’t put your comfort at risk! When you need reliable maintenance services, work with the team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing.

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