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A Reminder: Don’t Allow Any Heating Repairs to Linger at the End of the Season


You’re probably quite to shut down your heating system for the season and transition to warmer weather. As we move into the second half of spring, you’ll start to focus on getting your air conditioning system ready for the summer. (Make sure you don’t forget to schedule a regular maintenance tune-up and inspection for your AC with our team!) 

We recommend you still give some thought to your heating system as the season winds down. For example, has your heater shown recent signs it has a malfunction that needs to be fixed? This might be something seemingly small, like odd noises or the heater shutting off earlier than normal. You might notice that you have to fiddle with the thermostat to get the proper comfort levels, or that the heater seems to have to stay on longer to reach the temperature you want.

Please don’t brush these warning signs aside just because warm weather will soon settle in. Scheduling heating repair in North Potomac, MD is something you should arrange for promptly, no matter the time of the year.

Why Prompt Heating Repair Always Matters

Here are several reasons we advise you never to let any heating repair wait until fall:

  • You don’t know when a sudden cold snap will strike in late spring. Even in May and June, we can experience extremely cold temperatures and storms. If you have a heater with a malfunction, that significantly increases the chance the system will fail when you need it next—and that might be soon!
  • A heating system, particularly a gas-powered one, can become a safety hazard if it’s running with a repair need. Heating systems are normally quite safe. It’s when they’re left either unmaintained or unrepaired that they have the opportunity to become dangerous. 
  • Leaving repairs without remedy increases the chance the problem will worsen and create others. Modern heaters are complex devices, and one malfunction affects other parts. If you delay too long with repairs, you may have to pay for a larger repair or multiple repairs. 
  • When a heating system has to struggle to work through a malfunction, it expends more energy to do its job. Each time you need to turn the heater on during the rest of the season, you can expect to have higher heating costs.
  • The stress on a heater in need of repair can cause the system to prematurely age, potentially shortening its service life and leading to an expensive early replacement. 
  • It’s just more convenient to have heating repairs done during a warmer part of the year rather than delay and try to get them done in the late fall with the cold weather already arriving. You can relax once you’ve got your heater fixed before it shuts down for summer.

You can depend on the team at Tuckers to have any heating problem fixed fast and fixed right. We’ll keep your heating system in the best shape for whatever is ahead. 

At Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we pledge to exceed expectations at every turn! Call us to handle any of your home heating needs, no matter the season.