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Drain Cleaning Helps Start the New Year


Do you have a New Year’s resolution you’re already working on? Or do you have a general plan of several projects you would like to get done in 2020? We suggest you pencil in an easy but helpful one as part of your household project: schedule drain cleaning services with a plumber in Gaithersburg, MD. Specifically, schedule drain cleaning with one of our licensed plumbers. We’ll see that your drains have a good start to the ‘20s!

“Is this really all that important?”

Drain cleaning is an important task in general to have done, since it helps prevent numerous problems ranging from inconvenience to emergencies. But the start of the year is one of the optimal times to have this service done. It’s not just because it’s the start of a new year. Drains are often at their worst shape right after the two-month holiday season.

Think of how much work you’ve done in your kitchen, and how many guests have been in your house using the bathrooms. Consider all the food waste sent down the kitchen drains and disposals during cooking. The drains have gone through plenty, and this means extra buildup. They may have interior coatings of solidified grease, trapped hair, and soap scum. A few items may have been knocked into the drains by accident. (Little kids are notorious for tossing things into toilets that don’t go there.)

Cleaning the drains gives your household plumbing a fresh start for the year and wipes away hassles. It means a much lower chance of running into aggravating clogs during the rest of the year, protects the pipes from corrosion (often a side effect of soap scum), stops unpleasant odors, and keeps away drain flies. Once you’ve had drain cleaning done, you have a whole set of troubles locked away for the year.

“Can I just buy some drain cleaners from the store?”

These “drain cleaners” that come in plastic bottles are not “cleaners” of any sort. They are caustic mixtures of chemicals such as lye that are designed to chew through blockages in drains. They can often open a slow or clogged drain enough to allow water to pass through, but it’s an incomplete job that leaves behind enough of the clog that the problem will return soon. The chemical residue that remains can eat through the drain material and cause reactions with soap scum triggering corrosion. The chemicals are also highly toxic, burning skin and irritating eyes and nose.

Short version—don’t use commercial drain cleaners. They don’t clean, and they barely unclog.

“What tools do you use for drain cleaning?”

Glad you asked! Thorough drain cleaning makes use of equipment such as motorized drain augers and hydro-jets. These devices go deep at cleaning off the walls of the pipes to restore them to “like new” condition. The power of hydro-jetting is able to scour pipes of all the buildup on them, giving water and waste a smooth path. You can trust us to handle your drain cleaning with the best tools and the people who know how to use them.

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