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Heating Options to Consider this Fall

Heating season is here, and for some of us that means it’s time to install a new heating system. If you’re in the market for a new heater, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we have all the expertise to make the right choice. Ideally, you should consult with us before making a final decision on what heating system to install. Before you do, though, have a look at this list of some of the more popular heating systems available.


The most popular heating system type in the country, furnaces have ruled the market for quite a long time now. They come in two primary types: gas and electric. Furnaces remain popular due to their affordability and versatility. Regardless of your heating needs, there is a good chance that we can find a furnace that works for you.

Radiant Systems

Radiant heating systems rely on the direct transmission of thermal energy to heat your home, rather than using air as a medium. There are a wide variety of methods for radiant heating. The most common radiant heating type is the boiler, which transports heat using water. Steam and electricity are also occasionally used in radiant heating systems. These tend to require more of an up-front investment, but they are very effective at keeping a home warm.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use refrigerant to move heat from one place to another, rather than burning fuel to create their own. They are also able to reverse the flow of refrigerant through their systems, which lets them act as both heaters and air conditioners. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient heating solution, a heat pump might be perfect for you.

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