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This Is an Ideal Time of Year to Have Drain Cleaning


We recommend that all our customers have drain cleaning done each year—and we’re here to encourage you to schedule if you haven’t already had it done for 2020. This is an important preventive measure to help care for your plumbing in Germantown, MD and it makes an immense difference in day to day convenience and for the long-term durability of the drainage system for your house.

Isn’t drain cleaning just to get rid of clogs?

Drain cleaning is the best method to eliminate clogs from plumbing, and it’s absolutely our recommendation for when you run up against an obstinate stoppage that a basic plunger won’t handle. (Please, never use store-bought “drain cleaners,” which can damage the pipes and are only temporary solutions at best.) But drain cleaning is good for more than reacting to a problem. It’s a proactive way to prevent them.

How drain cleaning helps you in the long term

Drain cleaning is exactly what it says: thorough cleaning of the drains that goes beyond removing an obstruction. We use powerful tools to scour the inside of the drains to remove the build-up on them, such as an accumulation of congealed fats, oils, and grease in kitchen drainpipes and soap scum layers in bathroom sink drains.

The long-term benefits of this are several. The biggest one is that it makes it difficult for clogs to start in the first place. With clean interiors, a drainpipe won’t start to collect more debris right away—something that’s a problem with chemical drain cleaners because they leave most of the clog behind. You can expect to have, on average, zero drain clogs in the coming year thanks to drain cleaning. There’s no way to guarantee against all clogs, but drain cleaning is as close as you can get.

Drain cleaning also helps with a more hygienic house, as it stops problems from foul drain odors and drain flies. Finally, drain cleaning is good for the health of the plumbing system, since it stops damage to the pipes that can occur because of deposits. Soap scum, for example, can create a chemical reaction with drainpipes that leads to corrosion.

So why is fall a good time for drain cleaning?

Yes, we’re getting to the title of the post now: the Fall season is one of the best times to have drain cleaning done during the year. The reason is that fall and early winter are the periods when the drains in a house have the most stress on them—especially kitchen drains, which face an assault of cooking for guests and festivities.

The day after Thanksgiving is a notoriously busy one for plumbers because of these drain troubles. A thorough household drain cleaning preps you for a much easier end of the year.

Your drain cleaning pros

You can depend on our team to provide you with fast and effective drain cleaning. We have the finest equipment, such as video pipe inspection cameras, to help us do a complete job every time. Call today to get a head start on the end of the year.

At Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we pledge to exceed expectations at every turn. Schedule drain cleaning with us today.