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Is a Service Contract a Good Deal? A Heating Maintenance Question

People often ask us whether a service contract is a good deal. Will that annual service plan actually save you money on things like heating and cooling and will your HVAC system last any longer by having such a contract in place? The answer varies depending on your HVAC system, its age, its current efficiency and the cost of your bills and frequency of repairs, but in almost every situation a service contract is a good deal and here is why.

  1. Increased Efficiency – On average, an HVAC system can drop between 10-25% in efficiency after two consecutive years of operation without a tune up. Tune ups remove unwanted dust and debris and make your system more efficient as a whole. That’s why it is highly recommended to have service performed on a contract each year.
  2. Peace of Mind and Reduced Repairs – With a service contract, you will know not only that someone will tune up your system once a year but that the tune up will be backed up by a guarantee and that if your system stops working for any reason, there is a professional on call to visit and repair the problem.
  3. Continuous Coverage from the Same Contractors – Another benefit of having a service contract is that the same person will perform repairs and tune ups on your system every year, ensuring that problems are noted over time and the same type of parts and same service is performed each time you have someone come out.

By having a service contract added to the maintenance of your home’s HVAC components, you not only ensure they will work properly when on but that they last longer and operate at a lower cost than if you had them replaced or had repairs performed frequently. We do offer service contracts for a wide range of different products, so if you’re interested in learning more, just give Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating a call today at 301-670-0034!