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Is Air Conditioning Repair Still My Best Option?

Throughout the hot months, you probably run your air conditioning system a lot to stay cool. All that use can cause it to break down occasionally and require air conditioning repair—which is to be expected. However, there may eventually come a time when getting repair might not be the best option, and you may want to start thinking about replacing your AC entirely. Here at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, we often get asked by our customers how to tell if they need to replace their AC. We wanted to share a quick explanation of what signs you should watch for that could mean you need to start thinking about replacement instead of repair.

Whether or not it is time to replace your AC depends on many different factors that need to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. However, there are a few common things that you can look at:

  • Age of your air conditioner – If you have an older air conditioning system, even if it is running well, you may want to think about replacing it. There have been tremendous advances in cooling technology even over the last 5 or 10 years. You could see some pretty significant benefits including increased efficiency, decreased repairs, and more.
  • Frequent repair – Does your air conditioner require frequent repair? It might make more sense to invest in a new system rather than continuing to pay for repair after repair. This is especially true if your air conditioner is getting older and not cooling as effectively.
  • Inefficient operation – Every homeowner wants to stay cool with an AC system that works efficiently. If your air conditioner is working inefficiently it could be costing you more than it needs to. AC systems lose efficiency over time, and the new systems made today are typically use much less energy for the same amount of cooling.

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