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It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for Our USA Maintenance Plan!


Oh no—how did it get to be December already? Wasn’t it just summer, or even Halloween? And now the outdoor temperatures are going to start to plummet until we reach the chilly lows of January in the next year. And you know how fast time flies when you’re busy during the December holiday rush.

Does this mean … if you missed out on having your heating system maintained, that it’s too late? You just have to skip it and hope your furnace or other heating system manages to get through the season in decent shape?

No, not at all! Maybe scheduling heating maintenance in Chevy Chase, MD during December isn’t ideal, but skipping maintenance altogether is much worse. Besides, the benefits of going with our maintenance program, the USA Maintenance Plan, are so enormous that it’s never a bad time to sign up. You’re planning ahead for much more than winter when you’re part of the USA Maintenance Plan.

In fact, right now we’re offering a special free one year Ultimate Service Agreement. Call us to find out more details about this great offer.

Ultimate Service Agreement Means a Fantastic Guarantee

Here’s one reason signing up for the USA Maintenance Plan is a good idea no matter the time of year. As a member, you’ll receive a 5-Year Part & Labor guarantee on service repairs. Most contractors only offer a 1-year part warranty on equipment repairs. We can offer this 5-year guarantee because we know the work we do is that good. This is our way of showing how much we stand behind our technicians and the quality of service they deliver.

The USA Maintenance Agreement Has Zero Risk!

We are so proud of what we provide to our customers through the Ultimate Service Agreement that we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. When you sign up, you don’t have to worry that we won’t follow through on the promises of the agreement.

Your Heater Needs This Help Every Year

Going back to your heating system—yes, it’s vital for it to have professional maintenance each year, no matter how late you may end up getting to it. There is still plenty of cold weather to go; we haven’t gotten to the thick of winter yet. But more important is how maintenance keeps your heating system from accumulating so much extra strain that it ends up failing years before it should, and costing too much to run during that shortened system life. Maintenance is an investment in saving money—with the bigger benefit of peace of mind.

You’re Protecting Your Cooling as Well

Once you’re a member, you have another important part of your annual comfort needs covered: air conditioning service. We’ll come to your house in the spring and see that the AC is ready to take on another hot summer. And did we mention you receive discounts on repairs, priority service, and don’t pay emergency fees (except for holidays)? There’s no reason to delay enrolling in our USA Maintenance Plan.

Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing serves Washington D.C., Montgomery, and Frederick Counties. Talk to us today to sign up for the Ultimate Service Agreement.