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Putting Together Air Filters and Air Purifiers = Great Indoor Air Quality


You want the cleanest and healthiest indoor air possible for your home, and achieving this has probably been on your mind for most of the last year. If you’re now considering what you can do to enjoy better indoor air quality for your house and keep your family healthy, we’re the local HVAC pros to call. We offer several IAQ services to remove pollutants from circulating through the living spaces of homes. We think the best place to start with when improving air quality is with air filters and then see if air purifiers are necessary.

Why not stick with just one or the other?

The reason is that air filtration and air purification systems are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to select one type or the other. We encourage homeowners to look into getting both, although not all homes will need to have an air purification system as well as an air filtration system.

What’s the difference between filters and purifiers?

An air filter is basically what it sounds like: a mechanical filter made of fibers that trap larger particles attempting to pass through along with the air. Filters can be made of different media, but the most common are made from fiberglass strands. Filter strengths are measured by MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value), and the higher the MERV rating, the smaller the particles the filter can stop. However, some filters can be too powerful for an HVAC system, and this one reason you want professionals to install the filters—they’ll see the filter with the right MERV for the job is in place and it won’t interfere with the rest of the HVAC system.

An air purifier is an electrically-powered device that draws pollutants from the air using charged energy fields or kills organic particles with UV light. Purifiers do not put up any physical barrier against airflow, but they may also have less effect on larger particles. Purifiers can be used to target chemicals, smoke, odor molecules, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and more.

Pairing filters and purifiers

When starting with better IAQ for a house, air filters are the first step. The right set of filters will remove the majority of the pollutants that irritate a home, such as dust, lint, and dander. If there are smaller particles slipping through the filters, and a stronger filter isn’t an option because it would impede airflow, an air purifier is a great second line of defense. When you put together the ideal set of filters and purifiers, you can have more than 99% of unwanted pollutants removed from your home’s air.

If you’re interested in an air filter or air purifier in Gaithersburg, MD for your home, call us and we’ll be glad to help find the perfect IAQ solutions for you. We’ll find out exactly what kind of air contaminants you need removed so we can make the best choices for air purification and air filtration. 

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