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What Makes Up a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System?

A geothermal heating and cooling system works by taking heat from the ground and transferring it to the home using fluid that runs through a system of pipes.  Just below the surface of the ground, the temperature remains at a constant – generally around 55 degrees.  By circulating fluid through this area to absorb it, this heat can then be transferred to the house.

Inside of the home is a heat pump, which is a piece of equipment made with the ability to transfer or ‘pump’ heat from one location to another.  The pipes which are buried under the ground are called the ground loop.  These pipes have a fluid inside them which absorbs heat from under the ground and carries it to the heat pump inside of the house.

The heat pump takes the heat from the water and distributes it throughout the house.  After taking the heat from the fluid, the system then sends that fluid back out to the pipes under the ground to absorb more heat.  This process works in reverse for air conditioning in the summer time.

There are different types of layouts for the underground pipes.  They can be placed in a vertical loop field, or a horizontal loop field.  For homes near a large body of water, a lake or pond loop field is used.  This differs from the vertical or horizontal loop field because coils are put at the bottom of the lake or pond, rather than deep underground.

Direct Exchange (DX) systems use copper piping instead of plastic.  This allows for greater heat exchange at a higher rate and can be used for heating and cooling water in addition to air.  The piping is usually buried closer to the home which makes installation less expensive.

Heating and cooling your home with a geothermal system is not only quiet, clean and safe, but it doesn’t cost much to maintain either.  These systems are highly efficient and are used frequently in many countries.  On average, geothermal heating and cooling systems can last longer than traditional heating and cooling systems, creating even greater savings in the long run.

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