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Why a Boiler Might Be the Right Heating System for You

Many homes in Germantown, MD use a boiler as their heating system. Boilers are a great choice for many houses in our area. However, individual circumstances vary, and what works for one home may not be right for yours. To help you figure out which heating system is your best option, here’s a few reasons why a boiler might be the right  choice.

For starters, boilers help maintain air quality better than the gas furnaces and other forced air systems. Because boilers use radiant heat, they don’t require a circulating the air through ducts to do their job. That means they don’t create any drafts of cold spots, nor do they blow dust or allergens through the air. They heat the room evenly and don’t leave any hidden corners out. They’re also much quieter than gas furnaces, generating  very little sound at all. Contrast that with the noisy fan necessary for gas furnaces to function.

Furthermore, boilers making adjusting temperature by zone easy, since you can have valves in the pipes to regulate the temperature in different areas of the house. Gas furnaces can also include zone control systems, but the dampers in the air ducts are less effective. Finally, because boilers don’t have as many moving parts, they are less prone to breakdowns and repair needs than gas furnaces.

It’s easy to see why a boiler might be the right heating system for your Germantown, MD home. Again, however, specifics vary and your particular home may be suited to any number of possible heating systems. For expert advice, or to schedule installation, call on Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing