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Why Are There Black Specks in My Water?


Sometimes, water quality issues with the water supply in a house aren’t immediately obvious. But if you notice there are black specks floating around in the water coming from your taps, your internal alarms will go off. Where are these black specks coming from? Are they dangerous? What can be done about them?

You may need a plumber in Frederick, MD to help you with your water quality problems, starting with diagnosing why you’ve got black specks in the water in the first place. You can trust our plumbers to find out what’s affecting your water supply and find solutions to it. Below are some of the common causes of this problem, but you will want to turn to a professional to get an exact answer.

Decaying rubber parts

Those black specks may come from a disintegrating rubber hose or rubber washers in the plumbing. The disinfectants added to the municipal water supply to make it safer to drink can have a damaging effect on rubber parts, with the hose leading to the water heater being the most frequent problem spot. A plumber can replace the decaying parts and put in a new one with a special lining to prevent future troubles.

Rust specks

Corrosion in the pipes in your house, which is a frequent issue with older homes, will lead to a release of particles of rust into the water. If you are only seeing the specks coming from a few faucets, it tends to mean you’ve got corroded pipes and will probably need to have repiping. If it’s only coming from hot water taps, the problem is likely a rusting-out water heater. If the problem affects all taps when cold water is running, the problem is likely in the municipal system and not in your home plumbing.


Manganese and iron minerals will create black spots if there is a high concentration in the water supply. These aren’t harmful to drink, but they can create trouble in the plumbing—and they don’t like nice either. You may need to have a water filtration system put in.


This is an issue that can occur if you draw your water from a well. If the well is new, there’s not much reason to worry—you’ll probably seem some silt at the beginning. If it continues, one of our plumbers can examine it and see if you need additional filtration for your well.

Granular activated carbon

If you have a water filtration system already in place that uses granular activated carbon (GAC), these particles may end up entering the water supply. In most cases, this is a sign that it’s time to replace the filter. If that doesn’t solve the problem, call for plumbers to see if the filtration system needs repairs or a replacement.

You don’t have to put up with water that’s lower quality than it should be. Rely on our plumbers to help you enjoy the best water possible in your house.

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