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Your Ductwork Needs Upkeep Too


It isn’t quite the season for spring cleaning. But there is no time like the present to show your home systems a little love. Things like changing your system air filter or wiping down vents are seemingly small things you can do to help your home system operate more effectively and improve your efficiency.

But what about the parts of your system that you don’t have easy access to like your ductwork? Your ducts actually need some upkeep too. That’s why we offer help for your ducts as part of our heater service in Jefferson, MD. Learn more about the importance of fixing your ducts below and reach out to us for professional service when you are ready.

Leaky Ducts Won’t Do

Your ductwork needs to be intact in order to reliably keep your home comfortable. Leaks or holes in the body of your ductwork is going to spell trouble for your comfort year-round. Those leaks can allow the filtered and conditioned air that is passing through the ductwork to escape into the walls or crawlspace of your house. And this means it can’t do much of anything to improve your comfort.

Thankfully, we provide duct testing that measures the air pressure in your ducts to determine if there are any major leaks that we need to repair. What’s more, we can offer duct sealing as well to address those holes and leaks. Once the ducts are resealed and whole again, airflow will be restored and your comfort will be as well.

Dirty Ducts Are Irksome Too

You don’t need ducts full of holes to create problems for your home. Sometimes, dirt can go a long way to hinder your comfort. Your HVAC filters can only do so much to stop dust and debris from getting into your systems and the ductwork that is attached to them. Over time, dust will collect in your ductwork and pile up. This can hinder airflow and, even worse, will mess with your indoor air quality. The worse the build-up in your ductwork gets, the more that debris has a chance to get into your home’s air and aggravate your respiratory system.

Duct cleaning is a service we provide that will help get any leftover debris out of your ductwork so that you can rely on clean, strong airflow into your home. We use the best tools possible to ensure every dust mote is removed without causing any possible harm to your ducts.

Trust Your Comfort In Our Hands

As you can see, your heater needs your ductwork in the best possible condition to keep your home comfortable. You can trust our team to provide the services that keep your ducts and your heater itself running right. Our team works hard to provide services that are hassle-free. We focus on offering excellent customer service. This is what helps us to serve the residents of Frederick and the surrounding areas.

Come to Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for the services you need to keep your home comfortable. We provide Your Whole House Approach. Contact us today.