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5 Ways to Tell Your Heater Needs Help


Maryland is definitely like a slice of paradise. It’s green and fertile and full of interesting bits of history and engaging things to do. With that said, it also has a tendency to get a little chilly.

During these next several months when most of us are more inclined to enjoy the great indoors with a blanket, comfy clothes and hot drinks, we will rely on our heaters quite a bit. However, before you settle in for the human version of hibernation, we would advise that you double-check just how well your heater will operate before you end up without warmth when you really need it the most.

Your Heater’s Warning Signs

You may be wondering just how exactly you are supposed to discern whether or not your heater is in good working order. In the case of a ducted or ductless heating system, there are several warning signs you can keep your eyes, and ears, on alert for so you know when the time has come to schedule heating repair in Jefferson, MD.


Banging, clanging, rattling and even loud hissing sounds are never noises that you should hear from your heater. These can indicate a host of issues including loose or broken parts, and even a refrigerant leak. If your heater creates sounds that are anything other an even, reasonable whoosh of air, you will want to schedule a visit from a professional HVAC technician.

Poor Airflow

The heater is on and you can feel the warm air coming out but it feels like its being blown by someone rapidly waving their hands instead of a running blower motor. If you’ve picked up on a reduction in your system’s airflow, don’t let it get worse. This indicates a blockage that could cause a bigger problem for your heater if it goes unaddressed.

No Warm Air

The air is flowing easily but no heat is to be found. Rather than running to your thermostat for the third time in a row to drive up the number, reach for your phone because there is something wrong with your system that is stopping it from producing the warmth you need.

Short Cycling

Your heater starts up fine but it only runs for a few brief minutes before shutting itself off. This is called short cycling and it means that your system really needs repairs because it won’t be creating warmth anytime soon.

Hiked Bills

If you’ve noticed your utility bills have risen far beyond the normal levels that you see during this time of year, it is likely because your heater is struggling. When something is in need of repair, it may use more energy and fuel to do its job than normal. This puts a strain on the unit and your wallet.

Contact Us for Improved Home Comfort

If you have a heater that might not make it through the coming months, don’t delay your repairs. Unaddressed repairs can easily add up to not just a lack of heat, but to the need for a full system replacement. Save yourself money and time by reaching out to a trained HVAC technician for heater repairs ASAP.

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