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Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is dedicated to bringing homeowners throughout Frederick and Montgomery County the latest in technology and products. Thermostats are no exception. These devices serve as the brain of your HVAC system and therefore contribute to the overall efficiency of your home. Ask us about our recommended Daikin One+ or Honeywell thermostats.

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Types of Thermostats

There are several different types of thermostats on the market. For most homeowners, a relatively simple digital thermostat is the best option. These thermostat clearly show the set target temperature and allow for programming different temperatures throughout the day.

Advances in technology have led to the development of Smart/Wi-Fi thermostats. We work with all types thermostats, and two popular options are the Honeywell thermostat and Daikin One+.

Honeywell: Depending on the model you have installed, there are a number of options that can make your HVAC use that much more efficient. For example, there are features such as humidity monitoring and the Total Connect Comfort Voice Command.

Daikin One+: This smart thermostat can learn from your heating and cooling preferences and automatically switch between the two modes as a result. This is also the first smart thermostat to offer full two-way communications with Daikin HVAC systems.

Thermostat Installation

Whenever you’re having an HVAC system or component installed, including a thermostat, it’s important to trust an experienced professional for the job. Whether you opt for a Wi-Fi thermostat or need to have your thermostat hard-wired to your system, our team is qualified to make sure the job is done safely and at a high standard.

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