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8 Most Common AC Repair Calls

Your AC sees a lot of action, and runs beautifully about 99% of the time. So what about that other 1%? The repairs? Those can range from minuscule inconveniences to large problems. Today, we want to talk about what the eight most common issues might be when you feel the need to call for AC repair in Frederick, MD.

  • Clogged Filter: Your air conditioner needs air flow to run properly. It relies on it. When that airflow is blocked in any way, the AC doesn’t operate as it should and problems can start up. If you’re comfortable with it, you can handle this problem on your own. Replace your air conditioner’s air filter at the intake. This helps air flow more freely when there’s a new filter installed, and it still captures all the dust and particles in the air, too.
  • Poor Ductwork: You don’t need annual maintenance for your ductwork, but occasionally, every three to five years, it needs to be tested and sealed. When you get that done, you might reveal that your old ductwork is broken beyond repair and it needs to be replaced.
  • Fan Problems: Your AC is on but no air is coming out. That’s not good. This means that it’s your fan, and if the fan isn’t receiving power, well, now you know why it isn’t turning on. It could be as simple as replacing a sensor or a wire, so thankfully this doesn’t have to be a huge deal.
  • Thermostat Damage: Your thermostat is meant to read the temperature of the room, identify when it’s not the same temperature as what you set, and send signals to the AC to turn on. Your AC itself doesn’t know when to power up. If your thermostat is damaged, you’ll have inconsistent cooling or no cooling at all.
  • Clogged Drain Line: You have a condensate drain line at the end of your air conditioner. If this is clogged, it can’t release water and it backs up into your AC cabinet.
  • Broken Coils You can’t just pop new coils in. This is something that you need a professional for. It needs to be sorted as soon as possible.
  • Refrigerant Leak: These dangerous leaks pose a potential hazard for your health (depending on where the leak is). It’s something that needs to be handled swiftly, otherwise you risk damaging your AC system.
  • Blown Fuses: It’s possible for your air conditioner to overheat, and when it does, fuses can blow. These are inexpensive to replace if you know what you’re doing.

That’s Not the Whole List

Air conditioners can run into a slew of problems, and we’re talking about more than what’s just been listed above. It’s important to have experienced technicians inspect your AC unit even if you feel like you know it inside and out and make sure everything is up to snuff. You’re just one phone call away from getting your AC fixed by a professional.

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