Geothermal heating and cooling is a very energy-efficient way to keep your indoor space warm in winter and cool during summer.  As a geothermal company in Gaithersburg, Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating can help you understand exactly how geothermal heating and cooling works.

Geothermal systems are made up of a geothermal heat pump and a series of pipes called a geothermal loop system that is placed underground.  The geothermal heat pump moves the liquid through the loop system and into or out of the building.

During the heating process, heat is absorbed from the ground via the loop system and the heat pump transfers that heat to the air circulating in your ductwork.  In this instance, the liquid circulating through the loops is colder than the ground that surrounds it, which allows the liquid to absorb energy in the form of heat from the earth.  The liquid is then pumped through the heat pump and it is used to heat the air.

During the cooling process, the reverse happens.  In the summer, the liquid circulating in the loop is warmer than the ground which surrounds it, allowing the liquid to absorb the cooler temperatures found just underground.  The heat pump then uses the cooled liquid to cool the air and circulate it in your home.

Let the geothermal experts at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating walk you through the geothermal process, and help you determine if a geothermal heating and cooling system is the right option for you.