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Air Conditioning Repair: Damaged Ductwork and Efficiency

As we enter the cooling season in Rockville, MD, homeowners throughout the area are thinking about energy efficiency. And with good reason. While we cannot control the costs of electrical energy, we can control how much we use and how we use it. That’s exactly why efficiency is so important. One of the major detriments to your AC system working efficiently is damaged ductwork. It can account for up to 30% of our energy loss, and that’s a large chunk of your utility bill that you don’t even get to enjoy. In this post, we’d like to explain the relation between damaged ductwork and efficiency. For more information, or to schedule Rockville, MD air conditioning repair, call Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating today!

Your ductwork, whether sheet metal or flexible, is responsible for transporting for the cooled air throughout your home. The ductwork transports the warm air from within your home and sends into the air handler to be cooled. It then returns this cool air and distributes into the rooms of your living space. It is vital to the performance and efficiency of your AC, but it can quickly disable the system if there is a damaged section.

Some of the most common problems with ductwork are cracks and holes. They can be created by physical damage such as friction with other areas of the home, or nearby construction projects. Over time, your ducts can also undergo wear and tear to the connections between the ducts and the connections used to move around corners. Loose connections, like cracks and holes, can allow air from the attic, crawlspace, or directly from outdoors, to enter into your cool air stream. This disturbs the entire balance of the system.

For more information about duct damage and energy efficiency go together, contact your local AC technician for duct repair. For Rockville, MD air conditioning and duct repair services, call the experts at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating today!