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Air Conditioning Repair Guide: My System is Rattling

Even a layman can tell that something’s not right when the air conditioning system starts rattling. In Bethesda, air conditioning repair is definitely not something to wait on, as hot, humid summers take their toll without a cool living space to come home to. The rattling sound in your air conditioning system may have a number of difference causes, all of which can be addressed by a properly trained professional. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Loose Hardware: A shipping bolt stuck in the system, a broken spring or a piece of insecure tubing: anything loose in the system could cause a rattling noise. Rattling may also occur if a given component isn’t properly secured, creating the noise when the air conditioning turns on.
  • Fan noises: A blower fan with bent blades or a loose housing may come into contact with another part of the air condition system, resulting in a grinding or rattling noise. Fans may also make rattling noises if a twig or similar obstruction gets caught in the vents.
  • Compressor Motor: In some cases, a new compressor motor will make a rattling noise if the system is activated before it has 24 hours to power up.  A rattling in the compressor will also occur if some internal component in the motor is loose, even if the motor itself is securely housed.

Rattling noises can be amplified and carried by your air conditioning system’s duct, making it difficult to determine the exact source. That’s why using a professional technician is better than attempting to correct the problem yourself. Not only can an expert pinpoint the cause of the rattling, but he can repair the source of it, instead of just replacing the problematic part without concern for the underlying problem.

If your system is rattling, don’t hesitate. Turn off the air conditioning unit, then call the professionals at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating. We handle air conditioning repair in Bethesda and throughout the surrounding communities, and are dedicated to solving your problem the first time, every time. Call us today to hunt down the source of that rattle and make sure it’s corrected properly.