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Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Is it an Electrical Problem?

Your air conditioning is a vital component in your home, and with the hot summers in Rockville, MD, you want your air conditioning repair service to move quickly to get a malfunctioning system up and running again. A trained technician can perform a formal diagnosis for you, but it may help if you have some idea of what the problem is before you give them a call. For example, is the problem with your air conditioning system an electrical problem? Here is some information on electrical issues with your AC, grouped according to the symptom.

  • No power at all: A loss of power can be caused by the circuit breakers tripping due to an overload. Check your breaker panel to see if the breaker connected to your AC has been tripped. If the problem persists, you can point the service technician to it right away. Electrical power may be cut off if there’s a problem with the wiring itself. Faulty wiring means an unreliable electrical flow to your AC unit, which definitely requires the attention of an expert.
  • Electrical motor: If the circuit breaker hasn’t been tripped, but the air conditioner still won’t turn on, the issue may lie with your AC unit’s electrical motor. It may also be an electrical motor problem if the air conditioning system starts, but suddenly turns off. An overloaded motor may switch off automatically if it gets too hot. This may be a problem with its internal wiring; it may also arise from a blockage due to inadequate ventilation in the system.
  • Condenser fan: If the air conditioning unit’s condenser fan isn’t blowing, or it’s blowing slowly, it may suggest an internal electrical short somewhere.  A bad fan motor may also be tripping the circuit breaker in your home, or may activate its own shut-off mechanism if it’s overheating or experiencing any similar problems.

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