house-on-snowy-nightThe end of the year is a busy time. There are joys and there are hassles. One common hassle in homes is with the plumbing. Extra guests and feasting can often mean plumbing fiascoes requiring the service of a professional plumber.

We’d like you to enjoy a fun and festive end of the year and a clean start to the next. Below we’ve put together a list of plumbing problems to watch out for at this time of year so you’ll know to call for service before things get any worse. Prompt repairs means easier and better repairs—and more free time to enjoy the season.

Clogged up drains

Clogs creating slow drains or fully stopped drains are frequent problems, and they are common at this time of year. A great deal more food waste and fats, oils, and grease go down kitchen drains. In the bathrooms, house guests add to the hair and soap scum collecting in sink, tub, and shower drains. When you detect a slow drain or a clogged one, you can attempt to remove it with a plunger or a simple drain snake. If these tactics don’t work, call for plumbers (and don’t use acidic chemical cleaners!).

Drop in hot water volume

You may expect to occasionally run out of hot water in the morning when you have numerous guests taking showers. But if the hot water is running out earlier than you expect, you may have a damaged and overtaxed water heater—possibly one too old to keep working. Prompt water heater checks from pros can help ensure you have the volume of hot water necessary.

Busted garbage disposal

This is far too common when you’re preparing big meals! Even if you treat your disposal with caution and keep hard food items (meat bones, fruit pits) and stringy food (onion skins, asparagus) out of the disposal, it may still become overwhelmed and stop working. We don’t recommend trying to toy around with a broken disposal yourself, and never put your hand down in the hopper. If you can’t restart the disposal using the reset button on the bottom of the unit, call a plumber.


In the bustle of the end of the year, you might overlook signs of small leaks in the plumbing, such as water spots or patches of mildew. But professional plumbers know there is no such thing as a “small” leak, because any leak creates building damage, wastes water, and will only worsen. Let professional plumbers quickly find the location of leaks and handle the repairs and repiping necessary to keep away a bigger disaster.

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