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Be Careful of These Common Heating Problems

cold-man-with-thermostatAs we move into the New Year, we also move into the deepest and coldest part of the winter season. This is the time when you’ll depend the most on the heating system warming your home—and if it starts to fail, or does fail, you’ll want the problem fixed immediately. You can depend on us for your residential heating repair in Rockville, MD. We have the finest technicians on our staff, and they can restore your heater to its proper working condition so you and your family can enjoy the winter season.

We’d like to point out a few common heating problems you may run into so you’ll know what to do and when to call our number for help.

Uneven heating

This is one of the most frequent troubles homes have with heating. The furnace (or other heater) is running, and some rooms are receiving the comfort they should. But other rooms are either colder or hotter than normal. There are many potential reasons for this, and some simple ones include open windows and mis-adjusted thermostats. More serious possibilities include duct leaks and problems with the blower motor. If you don’t find an obvious cause for uneven heating, call for professionals.

Heater won’t stop running

If you use a forced-air heating system (i.e. a furnace or heat pump), you may notice the blower fan running continually, even when the system isn’t heating. This often indicates an electrical fault or a loss of connection to the thermostat.


You may detect your heater is turning on and off more frequently than normal. Instead of staying on for at least fifteen minutes when it is heating up your home, it shuts off sooner and then turns on again a short time later. This is called short-cycling, and it’s damaging to the heating system because it places extra strain on it. You’ll want this corrected by professionals as soon as you can, before it creates other repair troubles.

Low airflow

When you notice the house isn’t heating up the way it should, check on the vents to see if the airflow coming from them is what you expect. If the airflow feels weak, check on the air filter for the heater—it may be heavily clogged up. Put in a clean filter and see if this improves the situation. There may also be trouble with the blower fan or damage to the ductwork, and these require professionals to fix.

Strange noises

Any sound out of the ordinary from your heater is something to check on—usually by calling a professional. A rattling sound may simply mean the door to the HVAC cabinet is loose. But grinding, clicking, and hissing sounds may point to something more serious. Shut off the heater first and then call for assistance. This is especially important if you use a gas-powered heating system, since some of these noises may indicate a cracked heat exchanger, which is a potential health hazard.

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