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Causes of Reduced Cooling Capacity in Your Air Conditioner

During a summer in Bethesda, you’ll depend on your home’s air conditioning system to carry you through many hot days. If your AC has received regular maintenance and is still in the prime of its lifespan, it shouldn’t give you many problems during the season. But even with the finest care, an air conditioner will sometimes encounter malfunctions that will reduce the amount of cooling it will send into a home.

When you notice that the rooms of your house are not getting as cool as they should, it’s time to contact the team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for air conditioning repair service in Bethesda, MD that will restore your comfortable home. We have NATE-certified technicians on staff to see that you receive only the finest trained work on your AC.

A loss in cooling capacity can come from a variety of sources. Here are a few of the ones you might encounter:

Thermostat Issues

A common reason for air conditioners to start to fail to live up to their cooling ability is not a problem within the ACs themselves, but a problem within the thermostat units that control them. It only takes a small miscalibration in temperature sensing in the thermostat to make it begin to shut the compressor off too early and create reduced cooling in a home. Repair technicians will check the thermostat first to see if it is the cause of the misbehaving air conditioner.

Problems in the Outdoor Fan

The fan inside the outdoor condenser isn’t responsible for sending air through the ventilation system, so if it malfunctions you won’t notice a drop in airflow. However, the outdoor fan is crucial for the heat exchange cycle, where the outdoor coil must release the heat from indoors to the outside. Without the fan pulling outdoor air across the hot coil to cause the heat release, the whole heat exchange cycle will be reduced, and the indoor cooling level will also drop. Technicians must find out if the fan is suffering because of motor issues, falling capacitors, or damage to its blades.

Indoor Coil Icing

If the indoor evaporator coil starts to ice over, it will prevent the coil from properly absorbing heat from the inside and lower the cooling capacity. Icing can happen because of a drop in refrigerant due to leaking, grime along the coil, or a clogged air filter. Whatever the reason for the ice to develop, the problem must be addressed quickly or the system could suffer serious damage aside from losing cooling capacity.

Don’t “tolerate” a reduction in cooling capacity due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. Give us a call today and speak with one of our qualified HVAC technicians regarding air conditioning service in Bethesda, MD right away, since this problem will not somehow miraculously fix itself. The excellent team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is ready to help you regain the cool temperatures you expect.