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Central Heating Maintenance

Do you change the oil in your car regularly? Most people do. Regular maintenance for your car is a great way to potentially reduce repairs costs and increase efficiency for your vehicle. That principle is also true for the central heating system in your home. Making sure that all of the components in your central heating system are working properly may be able to reduce the cost of repairs in the long run. Here are a few of the common maintenance tasks that your professional heating technician can perform when they visit your home.

Forced Air Systems

If you have a forced air system like a furnace or a heat pump, there are a number of different things that your technician can do to make sure that your system works well.

  • Check the air filter – The air filter on forced air system is one of the easiest parts to maintain. It is also the most common cause of problems that we see in Bethesda.
  • Check the flue – If you have a gas-fired system like a furnace, your flue is responsible for removing the harmful combustion gasses out of your house. If it starts to leak, it can allow carbon monoxide and other harmful contaminants. Making sure that the connections and joints in this system are properly fitted, are absolutely critical.
  • Refrigerant levels – If you have a heat pump, whether it’s air or water source, your technician will check the pressure gauge to make sure that the refrigerant levels are at the proper levels.
  • The fan – The fan is one of the most critical parts of a forced air system. It’s the part that actually pushes the air through your duct work. Checking the fan blades, the fan bearings and the belt are great ways to make sure that the fan works correctly.

Water Circulation

Water circulation systems include boilers and other radiant heating systems. Because these systems don’t use a series of ducts to move air, they obviously require different maintenance tasks.

  • Check water pressure – This is one of the most crucial parts of a boiler system. Near your boiler there normally is a pressure gauge that indicates the water pressure in the lines. Depending on the brand and type of boiler you have, the optimal levels can vary. A trained technician will be able to tell you exactly what that is.
  • Expansion chamber – This chamber holds heated water that is allowed to expand and produce pressure. Water or air leaks in this chamber can lead to poor performance of your boiler system.

No matter what kind of heating system that you have in your home in Bethesda, the experts at Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating can help make sure that it works well when you need. We are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction and have experience working on all types and brands of heating systems. Call us today at 301-670-0034 to learn more about our maintenance program, the Ultimate Savings Agreement!