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Choosing Between Electric vs. Gas Furnaces


You know that wintertime would be much tougher without the help of your heating system. So when that heating system gives out, it isn’t the time to be hemming and hawing online over which new unit will be the best fit. If your heater is getting close to its retirement, it is a good idea to plan ahead for what you want your next system to be.

Chances are that you may be considering a furnace but this can actually be a bigger choice than you think. You will want to consider selecting the best option between an electric or gas furnace in Jefferson, MD. Both options are great heating systems–the important part is selecting the one that meets your needs best.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gas or Electric Unit

The ultimate goal when you invest in a new furnace is to find a system that meets your heating needs in the most effective and efficient manner possible. These are some of the questions you will want to ask when making your choice for the furnace that will do that the best.

  • Do you have a gas line connection already? This is often the first question to ask because it can make the decision a lot easier for residents in the area. If you already have a natural gas line, a gas furnace can be a great investment if you do. If you don’t already have a gas line connection yet, you may want to choose an electric system as the cost of getting that connection may outweigh the benefits of the system itself.
  • How much is electricity? Are you in an area that has very affordable electricity? If so, you may want to consider an electric furnace, especially if you are too far “off the beaten path” to get a gas line connection.
  • What is your budget for upkeep? Last but not least, remember that installation isn’t the only service you will need to fund when you invest in a furnace (or any heater). The system will also need maintenance and repairs over time. If you are hoping for a system that won’t need as much upkeep, an electric furnace may be a good choice.

Trust Us With Your Furnace Services

Whether you are looking to get a good furnace installed in your home for the first time, or you need to replace your aging furnace, it is best to get the job done by a trained professional. You can come to us when you need that expert service.

Our trained and licensed heating professionals can help you with every step of the furnace selection process. We can assess your home and its heating needs in order to pair you with the best system possible. We want you to enjoy a reliably warm home and our team can ensure you are able to do just that.

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