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Consider Installing a Geothermal Cooling System

Now is the time of year when many people start to replace their old air conditioning systems, before the weather really starts to heat up. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner this year, you may be tempted to just go with whatever kind of system you had installed before. Before you do that, though, you should really have a look at some of the other options available on the market. Geothermal cooling is one of those systems.

How Geothermal Cooling Works

A geothermal system is a heat pump, but unlike other heat pumps it does not exchange heat with the air outside. A geothermal system uses a subterranean pipe loop, buried at a depth of 15-20 feet and filled with water. In cooling mode, the geothermal system will absorb thermal energy from the air inside the home and vent it into the water in the pipe loop. The water is then pumped back underground in a continuous cycle. Like all heat pumps, a geothermal system can offer both heating and cooling functions by reversing the direction its refrigerant flows.


Geothermal systems have all the advantages of air source heat pumps, like energy efficiency and versatility. The main advantage of geothermal heat pumps, though, is that they don’t lose efficiency during very cold weather. Air source heat pumps become less efficient in sub-freezing temperatures, because there is very little thermal energy in the air for them to use. Geothermal systems use geothermal energy, and so are not concerned with weather affecting them. This may not matter during the summer, but when winter rolls around again you’ll be glad for the added benefit.

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