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Do You Need to Retire Your Furnace?


The heater is on, or at least you think it is, but the house is still cold. You layer up, check the thermostat, and start doing jumping jacks to take off the chill. While we admire the effort, the feeling that you can’t get warm is probably not on you–it may be because your heater can’t keep up anymore.

When a furnace in Jefferson, MD gives out, it’s never good news. But that doesn’t mean it has to ruin the start of your new year. Resolve to handle the situation without the stress! Check to see if these warning signs fit the mold and, if they do, reach out to us to get a replacement done ASAP.

“How Do I Know My Furnace Is Done For?”

It isn’t always easy to tell when a furnace needs to be replaced. All too often we see people scheduling repairs when they really do need to get a replacement done instead. The truth is that many individuals just don’t know what the indicators to look for are. Here are those key signs that will tell you if and when you need to retire your old furnace:

  • It is getting too old. Furnaces can have a lifespan of a minimum of 10 years. If they are maintained properly, that lifespan can usually be extended to 15 years. Between that range of 10 to 15 years, however, is usually when you want to at least start planning for a replacement. If you are ready for it, the whole situation is a lot easier and far less stressful.
  • It can’t keep you warm. The furnace can run all it wants but it just can’t seem to heat up the house. Longer run times do not mean better heat–if anything they indicate the opposite. If your heater is working its hardest and still isn’t warming up the house the way you need it to, it is time to get a system that can get the job done.
  • It costs too much to run. Maybe this is from high priced repair bills or even just frequent repair bills. Maybe it is due to increasingly high energy bills. Whatever form it comes in, a furnace that is simply too pricey to run is one that needs to be replaced. You shouldn’t have to choose between spending your life savings each month and keeping warm!

Does it sound like your furnace heater is ready to be retired? If so, make sure to work with a team that offers you a comprehensive approach to your comfort with your satisfaction in mind from start to finish. The team at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbingis ready to get your furnace replacement taken care of in a timely manner so you can enjoy the warmth you need again.

Not sure if you can deal with a big bill for your heating system replacement right now? We can help with that too. Check out our financing options. We want you to be able to stay comfortable so we do our utmost to make sure that it is possible.

Schedule your appointment today. Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing provides Your Whole House Approach.