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Water Saving Tips for Your Home—Easy Ones!


Conserving water is something every homeowner can do. And conserving water is far easier than many people believe. You don’t have to make huge sacrifices to cut back on water use. Instead, you just need to know the right tips and the right plumbing jobs to have done.

Most homes have plenty of good reasons to reduce water use. According to the WaterSense program of the US EPA, “40 out of 50 state water managers expect water shortages under average conditions in some portion of their states over the next decade.” Another WaterSense fact is that most homes can use 20% less water by following only the first tip on our list below.

#1 – Replace old fixtures with water efficient ones

If you live in a home that’s more than 10 to 20 years old, it probably has outdated fixtures (faucets, toilets, showerheads, washing machines) that consume more water than current water-efficient ones. We recommend looking for fixtures with the WaterSense label on them. The average family can save more than $380 annually thanks to retrofits with WaterSense appliances. You can call our plumbers to arrange for the best upgrades to your fixtures.

#2 – Never hesitate to have leaks fixed

In fact, you can start fixing those leaks right now. “But I don’t have any leaks!” you cry. Unfortunately, many leaks are hidden and remain that way for years. We advise scheduling leak detection services with our plumbers to find out if you have hidden leaks around your house. Even the smallest pinhole leak can mean the loss of hundreds of gallons of water a year. Move fast to get these leaks fixed.

#3 – Take the car to the car wash

You may think that washing your car yourself is a way to save money compared to taking it to a commercial car wash. It isn’t—because it takes you 100 or more gallons of water to wash a car in your driveway with a hose. Commercial car washes recirculate the water they use to cut down on waste. You’ll have a lower water bill and save time if you don’t make washing the car a home project.

#4 – Take shorter showers

You’ve heard this one before. It’s always on lists for saving water, often at #1. We’re going to repeat it again, because keeping a shower under 5 minutes saves about 10 gallons per shower, and even more with a low-flow WaterSense shower head. It’s not tough to do, just set a kitchen timer for 5 minutes and find how to pace your shower so you get clean without staying too long.

#5 – Use the dishwasher—but only for a full load

Just like washing the car, washing the dishes by hand consumes a large amount of water. Your dishwasher does a more efficient job of using water. However, you’ll only save water with the dishwasher if you wait until it has a full load before running it. We also recommend you set the washer on “light” for most loads. If you don’t have a WaterSense dishwasher, upgrading will help make this choice an even bigger water-saver.

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