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The Essential AC Service—Annual Spring Maintenance


What’s the essential service for an air conditioning system? The easy answer is installation, since you can’t have any service for an air conditioner that you don’t have! But if we instead narrow the answer to services for your current air conditioner, then we think the answer is spring maintenance. This is as essential for your air conditioner as regular check-ups with a doctor are for your health or routine tune-ups are for the longevity of your vehicle.

We offer Frederick, MD air conditioning services through our maintenance plan, the Tuckers USA Club. The Club is about more than maintenance, since it also provides members with service guarantees and priority service appointments. But regular maintenance tune-ups and inspections for heating and air conditioning systems are the core of the program, and where customers see the biggest benefits.

The Reasons Spring AC Maintenance Is So Vital

We can talk about heating maintenance in Fall. Right now, we’ll concentrate on the immediate concern, which is prepping your air conditioner for another summer of keeping you cool and doing so affordably.

Below are the reasons HVAC professionals consider regular AC maintenance an essential service.

  • It protects the warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty on an air conditioner prevents the owner from having to pay out-of-pocket for services due to a factory fault. Who wants to pay to fix an AC that was already broken when it left the factory? But this warranty only remains in force if the cooling system has professional maintenance done each year.
  • It prevents repairs: Do you know how many future repairs you can stop thanks to maintenance? Most of them! At least the majority of repairs are preventable because of the tune-ups, cleanings, and adjustments technicians perform during spring maintenance. Technicians will also catch small repair issues before they get bigger and pricier.
  • It extends equipment life: An air conditioner that was correctly installed can last around 10 to 15 years before it’s best to replace it. However, those numbers only apply to ACs that have annual maintenance. If it misses maintenance, the AC may need to be replaced after only half that expected service life—and that’s a costly proposition!
  • It saves money on utility bills: Any mechanical device will encounter strain as it accumulates dirt, dust, and general wear. That strain means devouring more energy to run. And more energy means higher bills. An AC that’s allowed to decline without maintenance will soon be far more expensive to operate.
  • It improves capacity: An AC that wears down not only will cost more to run, it won’t run as well either. You can expect to have a warmer house and hot spots in rooms when you have an AC that’s failing because of a lack of maintenance.
  • It provides peace of mind: Isn’t it nice to know your AC is in the best possible shape before the summer starts? You’ll have few worries about running into an abrupt breakdown that will leave you frantic to have repairs.

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