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Furnace Issues to Watch for

Heating season is here, which means more demand and strain on furnaces. More strain means more wear and tear, resulting in more problems. If you want to protect your furnace from these issues, you’re going to need to catch them early. The best way to do that is to know the various symptoms. Let’s take a look at some of those symptoms now.

Loss of Output

Perhaps the most obvious sign that something is wrong with the system, loss of output is also one of the most serious. What exactly is causing the output drop depends on the nature of the symptom. Is there no air coming out of the vents at all? You may have a broken air handler. Is the air cold, or less warm than it should be? Might be a gas leak or blockage. Is the furnace simply not starting? Probably an electrical issue or a malfunctioning ignition device. All of these are serious issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Call for repairs if you notice a drop in output from your furnace.

Short Cycling

Is your furnace turning itself on and off every few minutes? That’s called short cycling, and it’s a serious threat to the health of the system. It’s caused by heat becoming trapped in the furnace, eventually making it overheat and shut down. The furnace then restarts after a cooling off period, but unless the core issue is fixed it will simply overheat again and shut down. This constant starting and stopping wears down the furnace much faster than it otherwise would, making breakdowns more likely and shortening the life of the furnace. Have a professional look at your system immediately if you notice it doing this.

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