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Furnace Problems to Watch for This Fall

burner-assemblyThe days are getting colder, which means you’re probably relying on your furnace more often to keep your home warm. That’s all well and good, but you should remember that the more you use your furnace, the more likely it’s going to be to develop issues from the strain. The faster you can catch any problems that may develop in your furnace, the faster you can get them repaired and the less damage they will be able to inflict on the system. Have a look at some of the more common furnace problems below, and how you can recognize them quickly if they start happening.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is the part of the furnace that protects it from dust and other harmful materials commonly found in the ducts of a home. The filter is quite effective at capturing contaminants before they make it into the system. However, they are not capable of ridding themselves of the contaminants that they collect. If a filter is not changed every three months or so, it will become clogged. This will prevent the system from circulating air properly, cutting into its output significantly. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be blowing as much air as it normally does, make sure that you check the air filter and change it if necessary.

Short Cycling

If your furnace is turning itself on and off every couple of minutes, make sure that you call for repairs right away. That behavior is called short cycling, and it’s a serious threat to the health of the furnace. Short cycling can be caused by a variety of different issues, from a malfunctioning air handler, to a clogged air filter, to an electrical problem. Short cycling cuts down on the furnace’s output in the short term. However, it’s the long-term results that you need to be worried about. Prolonged short cycling increases the amount of wear and tear on the system significantly, making breakdowns more frequent and more severe. If your furnace is short cycling, you should have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Clogged Burner Assembly

If you have a gas furnace, you should be careful of the possibility of your burner assembly becoming clogged. This happens naturally, as carbon particles build up on the assembly jets over time as they burn fuel. Eventually, the buildup can become significant enough that some or all of the jets fail to ignite. This will cut down on the heat output of the furnace significantly, if the system is capable of heating at all under such conditions. Fortunately, the issue is easily resolved by having a professional clean the burner assembly.

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