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How an Air Purifier Can Help Your Home


Today, a lot more of us are more aware of the condition of the air quality in our home. whether we are trying to head off allergy season before it gets inside, or trying to add some extra protection from some of the scarier things in the world right now, our indoor air quality plays a big role in our comfort and our health.

One way to boost your indoor air quality is through the use of an air purification system, also known as an air purifier. Installing and maintaining an air purifier in Jefferson, MD might not seem like it will do all that much for your home, but the truth is it can be a huge help in keeping things safe and comfortable.

What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier, or a whole-home air purifier, is a system that is built to work within your ductwork and purify the air that is being pumped into your home. This means that, rather than waiting in a room for possible particles to blow through your ductwork and come close to it, this system is cutting off these contaminants before they ever enter your home. This is helpful for tackling airborne invaders such as allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Talk about proactive solutions!

Why Should I Consider Adding a Purifier to My Home?

So your next question may be why you might want to consider adding a whole-home purifier to your HVAC system. We have the answers you are looking for. Check out the perks you’ll enjoy with this wonderful IAQ system in your home.

  • It won’t take up extra space. Because an air purifier is built into your ductwork, that means it doesn’t take up any extra space in your home. This is unlike a store-bought system that you have to find space and an outlet for.
  • Uses UV light to tackle contaminants. No extra chemicals needed to purify the air in your house. This is thanks to the fact that purifiers use electricity or UV light to tackle contaminants. When you have a UV light purifier it means that ultraviolet light is either going to kill contaminants or destroy their ability to reproduce, rendering them harmless as dust.
  • Purifiers can help your health. Purifiers are built to eliminate the threat created by certain particles in the air. Because they can help tackle things like viruses and bacteria, it means these systems can actually help prevent you from getting sick as often. Likewise, they can help those with respiratory problems by protecting them from possible triggers. Just remember, this ONLY applies to the air passing through your ductwork.


Are you interested in boosting your indoor air quality and helping to protect your home from airborne particles? If so, make sure you reach out to a professional technician like the ones at Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing for help.

Our pros know how to assess your IAQ to determine if an air purifier is the right fit for you and then install and maintain the system to offer you protection for years to come.

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