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How Long Should I Expect to Wait for New Boiler Installation?

If you need a new heating system, a boiler is an ideal choice. Boilers contain few mechanical parts, which means they are less prone to breakdowns than forced air heating systems. They also have a longer lifespan than furnaces, and run more efficiently in many cases. Besides, most homeowners who have a hydronic (radiant) heating system in place describe their homes as more comfortable than those with furnaces.

Radiant heating systems transfer heat to the people and objects in the room, not just into the air. This keeps you warmer, distributes heat more evenly, and heat is retained for longer. Hot water moves from the boiler tank to a series of pipes underneath the floorboards if you have an in-floor radiant heating system. Or, pipes lead to a terminal unit like a radiator or baseboard heater.

There are many different ways a boiler can be set up, and it must be sized properly for the space it is heating. Before installation, a technician must visit your home to assess the size and determine what steps must be taken during installation.

You should expect that the boiler installation process will take at least a day. The actual length of time will vary depending on a lot of factors. It may only take one day if you already have the piping system in place. However, it will take much longer if the technician has to install new pipes, terminal units, and a boiler. In some cases, renovations are necessary in order to accommodate this new installation.

In general, a better question to ask is this: have I chosen professionals for the job? When you have professionals handle your new installation, it will take a long time, but this is because they must take their time with every step of the process to ensure safety, efficiency, and proper operation. Many professionals will provide you with a temporary unit while you wait for the job to be completed so that you don’t have to worry about being without heat overnight.

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