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How Often Do You Really Need AC Maintenance?

We all know that maintenance plays a huge role in how your air conditioner operates. It keeps energy costs low, prevents many repair requests, but how often do you need to have AC maintenance to enjoy those effects?

When you get AC maintenance in Bethesda, MD, it’s important to note that maintenance for air conditioners and heat pumps are different. Many homeowners have made the jump to heat pumps, but these machines differ in important ways that change the scope of maintenance. We’ll explain below.

AC Maintenance Should Be Annual at the Very Least

Your AC maintenance schedule depends on your usage. If you’re not using it a lot, you can get away with annual maintenance. It should cover just about everything you need it to, and the limited use won’t incur substantial wear and tear damage throughout the year.

As limited use requires minimal maintenance, extensive use may require two maintenance appointments per year. One at the beginning and end of the hot season. If you like your house to feel like a walk-in freezer and constantly keep the temperature low, your AC needs more attention.

Heat Pump Maintenance is Different From AC Maintenance

A heat pump can replace your central air conditioner, but it’s a different machine. Yes, it uses forced air and ductwork similarly to your AC, so it may feel the same, but these complex systems both cool and heat your home.

This means they work best with two maintenance appointments per year. When your technician shows up, they’ll perform maintenance for both functions, so you’re left with a tuned-up heater and air conditioner at the same time.

Can You Skip Maintenance Even Once?

It’s easy to think, “This is a newer AC, I could probably skip maintenance this year” and your AC may very well run without breaking down for that amount of time. But there are some caveats to that.

  • Efficiency will suffer: You’ll encounter longer cycle times, resulting in higher energy expenditure and increased wear and tear on your AC.
  • It limits the lifespan of your AC: Simply put, if you don’t take maintenance seriously, you lower the possibility of your AC lasting for the full 10–15 year life expectancy that it has.
  • You may void your warranty: Many AC manufacturers require annual maintenance (at the very least) to maintain your warranty. If you aren’t maintaining it properly, they can pawn off any problem as lack of maintenance or negligence and not fulfill the warranty.

So you can skip maintenance, but it comes with a much greater cost than it first seems. Maintenance appointments may be an annual expense, but they can help reduce the amount of money you spend on your AC over the course of its lifetime.

Schedule AC Maintenance Today

Your air conditioner requires maintenance. Don’t skip out on it—it costs you more in the long run in more repair requests, shorter system lifespans, and higher monthly utility bills as a result. We make it easy to set up annual maintenance so you don’t even have to think about it.

Contact us today to schedule your AC maintenance as soon as possible.