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A Few Indoor Air Quality Services for the Start of the Year


How much attention did you pay to your home’s indoor air quality in Frederick, MD last year. We’d probably wager that you thought about it more than usual, but when “usual” is often close to “zero,” that might not mean much.

We want to stress how important it is to have good indoor air quality for your house. It’s critical for comfort—it’s not all about temperature!—and also for the short- and long-term health of everyone in the household. If you want to get a good start in 2021, you can begin by making improvements to your home’s IAQ with a number of services we offer.

Fix the ducts

Yes, this is an indoor air quality service! It’s also important to the entire HVAC system since leaky and broken ductwork will allow heated air moving through the ventilation system to escape. That can mean uneven heating during the winter, cold drafts, and high bills. The problem for IAQ is that dry and contaminated air can enter the ventilation system through places in the house with dust and cold air. This will cause a drop in humidity and make the air unpleasant to breathe. If you have any suspicions of broken ducts, give us a call.

Install a UV air purifier

The big fear today with indoor air quality is germs and viruses. There’s no way to completely cleanse a home of organic pollutants, but UV air purifiers are one of the most effective tools against the spread of illness throughout a building. A UV air purifier uses germicidal lights to disrupt the cellular structure of microbes, mold spores, and bacteria that move through the ventilation system, which either kills them outright or makes them inert and harmless. 

Install an air filtration system

The air filter on the furnace is not enough to improve your home’s air quality; it’s actually only there to protect the interior of the furnace. If you want to remove dust, lint, dander, dust mites, and other debris from circulating around your house, you’ll need a specially installed set of air filters. Our technicians will find the right type of filter that will remove particles without blocking airflow. 

Install an energy recovery ventilator 

This device helps solve one of the oldest problems with finding a balance of comfortable temperatures and fresh air. You don’t have to open up windows and let in cold outside air that will mess up your heater just to get a circulation of fresh air: the energy recovery ventilator (ERV) brings in fresh air and uses the heat already in the house to warm it up. You’ll save energy and get the air circulation you want through the house. 

Balance the humidity

The winter can be dry time, and the air in homes often becomes unpleasantly arid. This makes the cold feel colder, creates static electricity, and can lead to health problems. If you want balanced indoor humidity, we can help with a whole-house humidifier. You won’t need to use an inefficient single-room humidifier—we’ll let you control humidity levels from the thermostat. 

Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing pledges to exceed expectations at every turn. Schedule indoor air quality services to start out 2021 fresh!