July is when the peak heat of summer arrives. But that doesn’t mean everything immediately cools down in August and September. This means it’s certainly not too late to have a new air conditioning system installation in Frederick, MD to replace an AC that isn’t handling the heat.

In fact, it’s never too late at any time of the year to have a new AC. Many people choose to have new air conditioning installation in the fall, when it’s easy to schedule the service and they don’t need to worry about going without cooling for a few hours. And if an old air conditioning system is dying, then the right time to have a new one installed is now. The only time when it’s “too late” is when you wait, since it puts you at a higher risk of getting trapped with a completely busted AC.

“But how can I know my AC is getting to that point?”

This is the big question. If you have time to plan ahead about getting a new air conditioner, then it’s best to have the job done in the “shoulder seasons,” i.e. the spring and fall, when you don’t have to worry about temperature extremes. But you don’t always have that luxury! When the air conditioner is close to breaking down, it’s important to be able to tell so you can move fast to either repair it or put in a new one.

We recommend keeping a close eye on any air conditioner that’s over 10 years old. If it’s over 15 years old, then you should plan to have it replaced during the coming fall, even if it works fine through the summer.

For an AC more than 10 years old, these are the warning signs you may need it replaced:

When in doubt, ask!

Still aren’t sure if you should replace your AC? No need to worry—that’s why you have professionals like the team at Tuckers around. Our technicians can look over the air conditioner and give you an honest opinion on whether you should keep up with repairs or have a new air conditioner installed.

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