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It’s Time for Spring Heat Pump Maintenance

Spring is almost here, and that means that it’s time for heat pump maintenance. Now, you may be thinking: “wait, didn’t I have heat pump maintenance done 6 months ago?” Even if you did, you still should do it now. Heat pumps have slightly different requirements from other climate control systems in order to stay in good condition. You’re going to want to schedule maintenance for the spring season, if you want the system to be ready for the added stress of summer. Bi-annual maintenance is necessary to make sure that your heat pump stays in good shape.

Maintenance Benefits in a Nutshell

Everyone is interested in saving money wherever they can get away with it, assuming that it doesn’t cause problems somewhere else. Heat pump maintenance is not one of those things you should skimp on, though. Heat pump problems often start out very subtle, and are not the kind of things that you would notice right away. They grow slowly over time, causing an ever-increasing negative impact on the operation of the system, until they eventually grow large enough to threaten the entire thing. That’s right around the point where most homeowners realize that they have a problem. It’s also the point that the repairs are going to cost quite a bit more. You may save money on maintenance costs in the short term by skipping it, but you’ll pay quite a bit more in the long term.

Preventive maintenance is a way to proactively find and fix issues with the heat pump before they have the chance to develop that far. Any issues that haven’t developed problems yet, but might in the near future, can also be taken care of. This ensures that your heat pump is able to handle the next summer season.

Why Bi-Annual Heat Pump Maintenance is Necessary

For most heating and air conditioning systems, only one annual maintenance appointment is necessary. This is because most HVAC systems only have one season that they’re under an increased amount of stress. Heating systems are under more stress during the winter, air conditioners during the summer. To cope with the stress during these seasons, those systems receive maintenance the season before. This ensures that they’re ready for the increased demand. Heat pumps, though, are used all year-round.

Because a heat pump operates as both a heating and air conditioning system, it has twice as much wear and tear placed on it throughout the year as other systems. One maintenance appointment per year is not enough to cope with that level of demand, so bi-annual maintenance is necessary. You should be scheduling heat pump maintenance at least twice a year, once during spring and once during fall. Before summer starts, you should schedule a checkup within the next few weeks.

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