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Keep Your Plumbing System in Good Shape with These Tips

plumbing-maintenanceThe plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home. Just think about how much more difficult your life would be if you didn’t have access to running water. Unfortunately, the plumbing system is also quite difficult to maintain, at times. Most issues that afflict plumbing systems are difficult to detect at first, and can have widespread effects on the rest of the home. It’s important that you know what steps you can take to keep your plumbing system in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

The average home’s plumbing system is complex, comprised of multiple different appliances all connected by a pipe network. Every part of the system, including the pipes, will wear down over time and use. If you want to prevent as many issue from developing with the plumbing, you need to make sure that all parts of it get the professional services that they need. For the pipes, that means scheduling video pipe inspections as part of an annual maintenance appointment. These allow your plumber to examine the plumbing from inside the pipe, pinpointing areas that need repairs without needing to exhume the entire system. Systems like the water heater and garbage disposal should get their own maintenance, to ensure that they continue operating properly. Systems that receive annual preventive plumbing maintenance are much less likely to develop issues in the future than systems that don’t. They’re also significantly more energy efficient than systems that don’t receive maintenance.

Call for Repairs

Preventive maintenance goes a long way towards keeping problems from developing. However, you can never totally prevent the possibility of a problem cropping up with the system. At some point, it is likely that you will have to deal with a plumbing problem of some kind between maintenance appointments. What is important is that you be able to recognize the warning signs that your system is experiencing those issues, so that you can call for repairs as soon as possible.

Keep an eye out for things like dropping water pressure, as they can indicate a leak or blockage in the pipes. You should also watch for sudden, unexplained spikes in your monthly water bills. That might mean that there’s a leak wasting water somewhere in the system. The presence of calcium deposits around your faucets or in your shower mean it’s likely that you have them in your pipes as well. You should have a professional examine the pipes to see if they require cleaning. The presence of water damaged sections of your walls or ceiling should be a big warning sign, as well. Sometimes, homeowners don’t realize that they have a leak in their system until it’s very obviously rotted out the entire area around it. If you’re not sure whether or not something you’ve noticed is a problem, it’s always better to make sure by calling a plumber. You don’t want to wait and find out later that you could have prevented some of the damage.

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