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Looking for a New AC Installation? A Few Things to Consider


Spring is the best time to replace an air conditioning system. The new AC will be ready to go before the first intense summer heat arrives, and you’ll have an easy time arranging for the installation during the mild spring temperatures. (Our team also has more open schedules at this time of the year, so convenient appointments are easy to come by.)

Getting a new AC is a big step—one you usually only need to take every 12 to 15 years if you’ve kept your current AC in good shape. Below are a few things to consider as you start to debate about upgrading your residential cooling system.

Is your current AC really at the end of the line?

If you are set on getting a new AC because you’re looking to take advantage of better features and high energy efficiency, we’re ready to help. But if you’re looking for a replacement because you believe your current AC is coming to the end of its service life, we recommend scheduling AC repair in Frederick, MD with our team. We can see if there’s a repair that might keep the system going effectively for a few more years. We might also discover that you’re right—the AC is ready to retire because any repair would be too expensive compared to starting fresh. You can always depend on us to be honest with you and watch out for your best interests.

High-efficiency options

High energy efficiency is an important factor to consider for a new air conditioner, although it’s not the only one. Be cautious about just focusing on a system with a high SEER rating, because high SEER is not a guarantee of money savings. However, there are many great choices of high-efficiency systems on the market, and if it’s possible with your budget, you may wish to put these at the top of your “shopping list.” ACs with inverter technology and variable speed fans can not only save you money, but they can also provide better, more even cooling. We’ll help you navigate the choices.

Short-term vs. long-term cost

Balancing your immediate budget against long-term energy savings is tricky when purchasing HVAC equipment. We can help you find a middle ground that will be most effective. 

Adding zone controls

Zone controls allow you to shut off cooling to certain parts of the house while continuing to cool others. It also works for the heating system. You can cut down on energy bills this way as well as provide personalized comfort for people in the house. Talk to our technicians to see if your house would gain the full benefits of zone controls.

The heat pump option

Is your electric furnace also close to the end of its service life? If it is, we advise you to consider getting a heat pump installed to replace both the furnace and the old AC; it takes care of both heating and cooling in a single installation, which can help save money. Heat pumps are not always ideal: for example, in most cases we recommend people who have a gas furnace stay with using natural gas for heating. But heat pumps are often terrific for all-electric homes. 

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