There are two main pipes that serve your home, which are more important than any other part of the plumbing system. Those are the water line and the sewer line. All fresh water that enters your home, whether form a city water main or from a well, comes through the water line. So, you can probably imagine the kinds of problems you would start to see if your water line was in poor shape. Water lines can last many decades under ideal circumstances, but only if you take certain steps to help them. Have a look at some of the ways you can make sure that your water line lasts as long as possible.

Know The Symptoms of Issues

The water line has to deal with the occasional problem, just like any other part of the plumbing system. Some of these issues are the same kind that the main plumbing network has to deal with, while some are unique to the water line. What’s important is that you know the signs that your water line is experiencing a problem, so that you can have it repaired as soon as possible.

Water lines do occasionally develop leaks, some of which can be quite severe. There are a couple of different ways that you can tell if this is happening. One way is if you start to experience a drop in water pressure across the entire house. If the falling water pressure is limited to one area, then you probably have a problem inside the pipes in that area. If it’s the entire house, then it might be the water line.

Another way to tell if your water line is in poor condition is to look for odd puddles forming in your front or back yard. The water line runs under your property before interfacing with the rest of the plumbing system in your home. If a large enough leak develops in the line, the water will start to bubble up and form puddles above ground.

Have The Line Checked

Hopefully, you have your plumbing system professionally checked at least once every year or two. That same process should be conducted on the water line, as well. Regular pipe inspections help your plumber identify issues in the water line that may not have become apparent yet, like tree roots and smaller leaks. These issues can be dealt with early, before they progress far enough to damage the line further. If you’re careful about scheduling maintenance for your water line every couple of years, you can extend the effective lifespan of the pipe by a number of years. So, if you have never had your water line inspected before, now is the time to schedule an appointment.

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