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Plan Your Heating Maintenance With Our USA Plan


The start of September is the time we recommend people give serious thought to arranging for heating maintenance in Frederick, MD. The earlier you have a pre-season tune-up and inspection for your furnace or any other heater, the more it will benefit you, and the better prepared you’ll be for the shift in the weather when it comes.

You don’t have to look any farther for great heating maintenance, because you’ve found the company with the Ultimate Service Agreement—the maintenance plan that helps you save money and gives your heater the best chance of providing hassle-free warmth through the winter.

What Is the Ultimate Service Agreement?

Our USA Plan is a service agreement that prioritizes customer comfort through preventive maintenance for HVAC equipment. It covers both heating and air conditioning systems. When you join, you’ll receive two annual inspections and tune-up visits from our technicians. First, they’ll get your AC in top shape in spring. Second, they’ll have your heater tuned-up in winter.

Joining the USA Plan has several special benefits for members:

  • A 5-year service guarantee on any service part replacement.
  • No emergency fees except on holidays.
  • $100 off the purchase of any indoor air quality equipment.
  • 5% off the purchase of the installation of a new system.
  • Priority customer status so you’ll receive same-day service most of the time.
  • A manufacturer’s 12-Year parts guarantee and 12-year labor guarantee on qualified systems.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Those are the perks of being part of the Ultimate Service Plan. The major benefits come from how routine maintenance keeps your heating system in shape, year after year. Here is why we recommend annual heating maintenance:

  • It helps a heater run safely. This is especially important for gas-powered heaters, which can pose safety hazards if they are neglected.
  • It prevents repair issues. During maintenance, technicians can spot trouble areas where a simple tune-up can stop a bigger problem from emerging. The general tune-up and cleaning reduce wear and tear so the heater is less likely to later encounter a malfunction.
  • It maintains energy efficiency. Maintenance stops the heater from rapidly losing its energy efficiency from aging and strain. Each year the heater misses maintenance, it will lose on average around 5% of its energy efficiency rating.
  • It keeps the warranty valid. Without annual professional service, a heating system may no longer have the consumer protection of a warranty to cover parts.
  • It increases the service life of the heater. Unless wear and tear is slowed down through maintenance, a heater may give out years before its time. A furnace without maintenance may not get past seven years; one with maintenance will usually reach fifteen.
  • It offers peace of mind, one of the best benefits of all. You won’t have to worry about the heater failing during the winter and trapping you in a cold house as you try to get it repaired.

Call our office today and ask about the details of the USA Plan. We’re glad to help get you set up and have you on the maintenance schedule.

At Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we pledge to exceed expectations at every turn. Sign up for our USA Plan for your heating maintenance.