December means more festivities and feasting—right after you finished with one of the biggest celebratory home feasts possible, Thanksgiving. If you hosted a Thanksgiving celebration at your house this year, we’d like to make a suggestion that can help make both the end of the year and most of the new one less stressful for your plumbing in Germantown, MD: we recommend you schedule post-Thanksgiving drain cleaning with our professional plumbers.

“But my drains aren’t clogged up or slow”

That’s good news! You might be amazed at how many homes have to call us for plumbing service in the days after Thanksgiving because of massive drain clogging. Kitchen drains do a huge amount of work during Thanksgiving, and with all the food that goes down the drains—some of it which should never go down drains or disposals in the first place—it’s easy for drains to turn slow or clog entirely.

Just because you managed to escape the immediate consequences of all the food waste going down your drains doesn’t mean your drain pipes and plumbing are still in great shape. You may not see it, but your drain pipes right now could have large amounts of food build-up along their walls. The biggest danger is solidified fats, oils, and grease, a terrible trio often known as FOG. Although FOG looks harmless when in hot liquid form, when it cools it becomes an obdurate and waxy solid that loves to hang around in drains. A build-up FOG can make it easy for clogs or slow drains to start. It also can create a terrible odor and draw drain flies. 

Your drains may have some serious post-Thanksgiving problems even if you don’t see them yet—and you don’t want to discover the problem during the end of December!

Drain cleaning is a preventive measure as well as a repair

Drain cleaning is not only a job you call a plumber for when you’ve got an emergency clogged drain trouble. To be clear, this is one of the most important purposes of drain cleaning, and our plumbers are always ready to help out in these situations. But we want you and all our customers to know that scheduling drain cleaning annually is one of the best ways to use this service and one of the best methods of keeping your plumbing in good shape and preventing future clogs, slow drains, drain flies, and foul odors. 

When you call us for a post-Thanksgiving drain cleaning, we’ll see your drain pipes are scoured clean. We’ll remove all the build-up in them, returning them to a “like new” condition. This will help make feasting in December less likely to turn into plumbing emergencies. It also gives the plumbing a fresh start for the next year. You can expect few (if any) clogs in the near future, and your plumbing will enjoy a longer lifespan. 

Give yourself an early holiday gift of super-clean drains and a plumbing system that always works with you: call our team for drain cleaning services. 

At Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we pledge to exceed expectations at every turn. Schedule a seasonal drain cleaning job today.