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Protect Your Home by Installing a Sump Pump

sump-pumpFlooding has been a big topic in the news lately, for obvious reasons. While we may not have to worry too much about hurricanes in this area, the possibility of water damage from flooding still exists. If you want to make sure that the more vulnerable parts of your home are as protected as possible with regard to plumbing, it’s a good idea to install a sump pump. Let’s go over how sump pumps work, and why you might want to install one in your home.

The Sump Pump

A sump pump is designed to protect a single area from mild to moderate flood damage. A sump, which is basically a small pit, is dug at the lowest point in the room. All water that enters the area will naturally flow downhill into the sump. The sump pump is then installed either in or directly above the sump, with a dedicated drain line running out of the house. When the water level in the sump gets high enough, the sump pump activates and pumps all the collected water out of the house.

Advantages of Using a Sump Pump

If you’ve ever had a part of your home flood with just a couple of inches of water, you know how harmful it can be. Even a minor amount of water damage remediation can have costs in the range of thousands of dollars. Some parts of the home are more prone to flooding than others, like the basement or crawl spaces. You probably don’t need to have a sump pump in many areas of your home, but you should at least make sure that those areas that are most vulnerable are properly protected.

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