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Should I Schedule a Heating Repair Appointment if My Ductwork Is Clanging?

The ductwork in your home does its job mostly invisibly: it lies out of your sight in walls, floors, ceilings, and basements. It should also do its job inaudibly: the only sound you should hear from your ducts is the humming from your forced-air heating system that sends warmth through the ducts to your vents.

When you hear a clanging or banging noise inside your ducts, it’s usually a warning that you need to schedule heating repair in Germantown, PA. At Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, we take pride in our state-of-the-art technology to clean and repair ducts. If you need to schedule repairs because of metal clanging inside your ductwork, call us first: our NATE-certified technicians will use their expertise to help you.

The Causes of Clanging in Your Ducts

The main reason for this clanging sound is that your ducts are expanding because of air pressure. If you notice the clanging sound happening soon after your heater’s blower comes on, then this is almost certainly the reason for the noise. The gauge of the metal of the ducts isn’t thick enough to handle the pressure increase, and the metal “bulges,” making that clanging sound. This will occur most frequently in places where there is a long unsupported stretch of duct.

Does this mean you have to completely replace your ductwork with thicker gauge material? Not necessarily—although sometimes that is the case, especially if your ductwork is very old. Duct specialists can brace up the unsupported stretches to keep them from expanding and creating the clanking noise. You may also have some of the metal ductwork taken out and replaced with flexible ducts or duct board, neither of which will make clanking sounds when they expand.

Contact duct repair and cleaning experts to look over your ducts and see what can be done about this problem; you won’t have easy access to the ducts yourself, so make sure that you leave this in the hands of the professionals. It’s also a good idea to have your ducts cleaned, since sometimes clanging noises can come from objects that have become trapped inside the ducts.

At Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating, we have many years of experience working with ducts for heating and cooling systems. Because we also specialize in indoor air quality, we have extensive knowledge about cleaning and repairing ducts. Make us your first call when you discover you have noisy ductwork, or if you need any kind of heating repair in Germantown, PA.