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Signs of an AC Fan Problem: A Tip from a Your Local AC Contractor

Air conditioners have their share of routine problems, like any other device. One set of problems that you may run into is when the fan is not working properly. To be aware of potential problems with your AC fan, look for these signs.

Sign #1: Fan is not circulating air

Clearly, a fan that is not circulating any air is a problem. If you can hear that the fan is running, or at least trying to run, but you don’t feel air circulating like it’s supposed to, that’s a sure sign of a fan problem. It could be that the fan is just worn down by use and needs to be replaced. It is trying to circulate the air, but the motor lacks the power to do so effectively.

If your AC fan is not old enough to have outlived its usefulness, you can also check for obstructions or loose screws that may be hindering performance.

Sign #2: Fan is loud

Any loud, strange, unfamiliar or generally annoying noise is a good sign that something is going on with your air conditioner. In the case of a noisy fan, it usually means there is something loose around the fan that is getting knocked or slapped around. This could be a loose part or a piece of debris. Cut the power to the air handler unit and open the cover of the fan to see if you can get a look at what is causing the noise.

If this fails to correct the problem, there could be a mechanical problem with the fan motor. Call for repairs.

Sign #3: Fan shuts off suddenly

A third common sign of AC fan problems is when the fan just shuts off suddenly, before finishing the cooling cycle. This is usually the sign of an electrical problem that is causing power to the fan to be cut before it can complete the cycle. This could be due to frayed wiring, a short in the motor or any of several other electrical causes. When this happens, have the fan motor replaced right away. This problem will only get worse with time, and an electrical issue can quickly become dangerous.

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