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Signs That You Have a Drain Problem

The first sign that most homeowners notice that their drains need a plumber is when they clog up. While that is certainly a good reason to call a plumber to examine your drain, it is far from the only reason. There are many warning signs that something is wrong with your drain. If you catch some of these warning signs early enough, you might even be able to mitigate some or all of the damage to your drain. Let’s have a look at a few of the more common signs that you have a drain problem.

Slow Drainage

The first time you notice a problem with your drain may be when it clogs up, but a clog doesn’t just suddenly appear. Clogs form when waste sticks to the inner walls of the drain pipe, then build towards the center as more waste is added. This will slowly restrict the flow of water through the pipe, causing your drain to drain more and more slowly. If you notice your drain draining more slowly than it normally does, you should schedule a drain cleaning appointment before the clog fully develops.

Bad Smells

Most every drain has a water trap in it, characterized by the U-shaped bend in the pipe, known as the p-trap. This bend holds a small amount of water at all times, enough to prevent anything like sewer gas or insects from climbing up the pipe and out of the drain. However, there are times when this water trap either malfunctions or is bypassed by another problem. If the water trap dries out from lack of use, it can allow sewer gas to travel up the drain and into your home. If you use the drain frequently and it’s still releasing bad smells, you may have a more serious problem. Call a plumber to have a look at it.

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