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Solutions to Help Ventilate Your Home During the Air Conditioning Season

The hot summer months in Rockville, MD can take a toll on your air conditioning systems, which can cool your home and provide a comfortable respite from the heat of the day. In most cases, you want to close your home up tight when you run the air conditioning unit, to better allow it to cool the air without wasting energy. Depending upon the weather, however, you may wish to ventilate your home rather than (or in addition to) running the air conditioning system, which can save money on electric bills while still letting you enjoy a comfortable home environment.

Chances are, you already practice natural ventilation by opening up the doors and/or windows in your house occasionally, which allows air to move through without having to run the AC unit. Ceiling fans, portable fans and kitchen fans can all be used to increase circulation and improve the ventilation in your house.

In some cases, however, natural ventilation may not be enough to keep your house comfortable. In that case, you can see about installing whole-house ventilation, which makes us of fans and ducts to move air throughout the house. In many cases, your existing furnace or air conditioning system may have this type of ventilation built in. You may also need to have additional vents installed in the roof or the attic; since hot air rises, rooftop vents help the heat escape, keeping your home from overheating.

You might want to add to your ventilation system with an energy recovery ventilator, or ERV, which directly transfers the cooling or heating from the air leaving your house to the air coming in. This can allow you to ventilate your house while saving energy.

If you need solutions to help ventilate your home during the warm months, then contact Tuckers Air Conditioning & Heating. We serve Rockville and the whole of Montgomery County, and can discuss ventilation options with you, as well as making recommendations on increasing the air flow in your home. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our trained technicians perform with efficiency and care. Give us a call today to set up an appointment with our friendly staff.