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The Advantages of Installing a Boiler System

BoilerFor some homeowners, now is the time of year when it’s a good idea to replace their heating system with a new one. Either the current system is old, or just doesn’t fit the home that well. Maybe they’re moving into a brand new home that doesn’t even have a heating system yet. No matter what the reason, if you’re one of those people who needs a new heating system, you should consider the benefits of installing a boiler.

Boilers: How do They Work?

A boiler system doesn’t use forced air to distribute heat throughout the home. Instead, it uses a series of pipes installed in the subfloor of each room to circulate hot water throughout the house. The heat from the water passes through the pipes, through the floor, and up into the room. This method is called radiant heating. Occasionally, the boiler system will include a terminal like an iron radiator to help distribute heat throughout a room.


Boilers have a number of unique advantages over other heating systems. They don’t have to contend with duct leaks, which automatically makes them much more energy efficient than most forced air heaters. The average forced air heater loses up to 30% of its output to duct leaks. Boilers also don’t create hot and cold spots when heating a room, which are common with forced air heaters. This is because hot air naturally rises to the ceiling, and drops as it cools. Radiant heating keeps all the heat near the floor of the room, where it is most needed. These are just a couple of the many advantages a boiler can offer. If you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to give you the full list of reasons why it’s a good idea to install a boiler system in your home.

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