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Tools Used for Professional Drain Cleaning

There’s no way around it—every plumbing system will develop a drain clog at some point or another. Most likely, you’ve experienced a drain clog at least once in your life: in the middle of a shower, while brushing your teeth, or while preparing food during an important family get-together. As a pool of water collects around the drain, you do whatever you can to try to clear the clog quickly. But if a plunger does not loosen the blockage, experts recommend scheduling professional drain cleaning before you decide to take any further action on your own.

In this guide, we’ll look at what types of “solutions” to avoid, and contrast these with the types of tools professionals use for drain cleaning. To clear a tough clog or to prevent clogs from occurring later on in the life of your plumbing system, schedule professional drain cleaning service in North Potomac with Tuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing.

Drain Cleaning “Solutions” to Avoid

Chances are that you’ve seen and perhaps even purchased a type of liquid drain cleaner from the grocery store or a local hardware store. However, these solutions often contain toxic levels of chemicals that may injure your skin and damage your eyes. Furthermore, most of these only work to dissolve a few common sources of blockage. While the liquid you purchase may be able to dissolve hair, for example, it may not be able to tackle soap scum or food particles. Besides, these chemicals can damage your plumbing and leave you with further repair costs. With professional drain cleaning, your pipes will not suffer any injury and clogs are eliminated for good.

Video Pipe Inspection

A quality plumber comes equipped with technology to help locate the exact source of a clog in order to determine the best plan of action to eliminate it. A long cable attached to a fiber optic video camera is fed through the pipes so that your plumber can see exactly which part of the plumbing is affected. The professional views a live feed so that they can select the type of tool best suited for the job, and from which drain pipe to tackle the problem.

Drain Snakes

One of the most common tools that professionals use is the drain auger, or drain snake. This is a long wire with a coiled end that can latch onto blockages and pull them up through the drain. Your plumber may also try additional attachments at the end of the wire, such as a sharp tool to break up tougher clogs like tree roots, so they can make their way into the sewer line.

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